The question of whether or not you should convert VHS to DVD is an issue which could prove to be of great importance in later years. This is because technology progresses over time and it is important to preserve your memories while you have them , as and when possible. This guide will look at the overall benefits of converting and why you may wish to consider it.

vhs to dvd

Changes In Technology

One of the most clear and obvious reasons as to why you may wish to consider converting VHS to DVD is changes in technology which have occurred since the introduction of the VHS.

For example , the popularity of smart phones as well as tablets has led to masses of people across the world purchasing and owning their own piece of technology. This has made a massive variety of media much more accessible across the world overall.

This means that media formats such as the VHS tape are becoming obsolete as the technology that is supported by is becoming scarce and less desirable overall . Therefore VHS tapes are becoming progressively more difficult to source as well as look after and repair.

vhs to dvd


One of the pieces of technology that has come about as a result of technological innovation in the last thirty years is the DVD. The DVD (digital versatile disc) is a storage disc which can be used to store images , videos and audio. Typically DVD’s are sold within the entertainment and TV industry as TV series and movies are often favourites on DVD.

There are multiple advantages to using the DVD over VHS format. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Highly portable and can be used on multiple platforms
  • Durable- DVD’s are thought to have a shelf life of up to or over 100 years
  • Compared to VHS tapes DVD’s are normally cheaper and easier to repair overall
  • DVD’s can typically store significantly more data than a vhs tape would be able to

What Is Involved In The Conversion Process?

If you are planning on the move to convert VHS to DVD then there are some different factors that you should take into consideration. One of the most important factors is price. It is important to not compromise on price and ensure that the conversion process is carried out by a professional.

If if is not this could lead to lasting damage of the material stored on the VHS tape. Another important factor which is involved in the conversion process is the time taken to undertake the work. Typically this can take a couple of days. This a fairly quick turnaround and is well worth waiting for as you receive your original copies back alongside new copies of the content from the tape.

vhs to dvd


Overall there are a number of points which can be concluded about converting VHS to DVD. Clearly the process of converting VHS to DVD is a quick and easy process which offers a range of benefits for those who choose to undertake this process.

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