Several factors are at play when considering the use of on site nitrogen generation systems. These include the cost, safety, environmental friendliness and productivity. Read on to learn about the benefits of this type of system. If you are considering nitrogen-generating systems, make sure to keep these factors in mind.


The costs of nitrogen delivery are often high, and there are many ways to reduce them, including on site nitrogen generation. The process is not free, and requires generators, air compressors, and receivers, as well as site preparation, power, and maintenance. The return on investment can be fast, as nitrogen is produced and delivered to site within nine to twenty-four months. Additionally, on site nitrogen generation can reduce worker injury risks by eliminating the need to handle cylinders and tanks of liquid nitrogen.


On-site nitrogen generation systems help laboratories reduce their overall gas costs and maintain the atmosphere’s O2 levels. Nitrogen is an inert gas that makes up around 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. It’s used for food preservation, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, and stainless steel. On-site nitrogen generators also reduce lifting hazards and shipping costs by eliminating the need for gas cylinders.

Nitrogen Cylinders

Safety is an important consideration during the installation and operation of on-site nitrogen generation systems. Unlike nitrogen cylinders, these systems have a higher level of safety, require less space, and are relatively easy to install and maintain. That’s one of the reasons why many manufacturers prefer these systems over cylinders. Nitrogen is an odourless gas, but it can cause respiratory issues in high concentrations. A monitoring system can be installed in your facility to warn employees if oxygen levels drop too low.

Environmental Friendliness

On-site nitrogen generation systems provide a steady supply of nitrogen gas for different industrial applications. These equipment’s utilize pressure swing adsorption and membrane technology to separate nitrogen molecules from mixed gases and store them in tanks. These nitrogen gas systems are ideal for many industrial applications and are a great way to reduce transportation costs while increasing employee safety and morale.


On site nitrogen generation provides manufacturers with significant productivity benefits, including reduced energy costs and downtime. These systems can also reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing processes. They can generate the desired quantities of gaseous nitrogen around the clock, eliminating costly downtimes caused by gas supply interruptions. On site nitrogen generation is also a green solution for the environment, and many businesses are already considering it. It is a more environmentally friendly option than bulk delivery, as it produces clean, dry nitrogen gas.