Online sales are massive and globally hundreds of millions are made everyday from locations dotted across the globe. Therefore in order to be even remotely successful in the online selling market it is important to stand out from the crowd and employ methods to ensure that your listings and items for sale appear higher in the search results. In this guide I will talk about the different factors influencing the success of sellers within the online market and what can be done to improve overall performance.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the hottest topics surrounding online selling as a whole. This factor is so important as failing to use SEO for your own website advertising your product means that it is unlikely to receive much traffic  as it will be highly unlikely to rank on the first page of search results without some form of SEO being done. One of the strategies used within SEO to help increase the traffic to the site is link building. Link building is essentially the process of having different links added to websites. These links help to improve the rank of site overall and ultimately lead to more people visiting the website and spending considerably more time on the website

Pages optimisation

A well as creating links in order to improve the number of leads and sales. One way in which this  can be done is by identifying what Headers 1s need fixed. Header 1 are essential pieces of code which typically appear at  or near the start of the article. Page optimisation overall is crucial as without this it can severely affect your overall rankings on search engine results. Normally header 1s should be related to the main content on the page so the search engine crawling the page so that the search engine can understand what the page is about. Another way in which you can optimise a page for SEO is through adding image alt text to different images. Image alt text is text that basically describes what is happening in the image to the search engine and allows for better indexing.

Web Hosting

Another crucial part of your online selling journey is web hosting.  Web hosting is a way in which websites are hosted online. There are a variety of different types of web hosting and each have their own unique advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the best forms of web hosting for smaller businesses is shared hosting. Shared hosting is when you share a server with other organisations. The server provides storage as well as round the clock support for your website to ensure that your online experience is hassle free and easy. Of course in addition to this security comes as standard. One of the main benefits of this form of web hosting is it is significantly cheaper than alternatives and affordable for smaller businesses. Alternatively for larger businesses or businesses with a