Currently Glasgow city is enjoying a resurgence in demand for serviced apartments in Glasgow city centre. There are a variety of different reasons for this.  Glasgow boasts being one of the most popular cities in the UK for nightlife , food , culture and hospitality.

What Are Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are apartments that have been furnished fully and are available for short or long term lettings. Typically they include a range of different services such as – a 24 hour laundry , gym area . One of the great benefits of a serviced apartment is  that the majority of utilities is taken care of such as security , laundry and cleaning. Often serviced apartments are used by the owners of the property and managed through a sub contracted company who manage the practical side of it e.g checking guests in and out of the property , cleaning of property, admin services etc.

Why Are Serviced Apartments Glasgow City Centre Popular?

there are a number of reasons as  to why these types of serviced apartments are so important. One of the biggest influencing factors that is leading to an increase in demand is the way the serviced apartments are set up. Typically serviced apartments within Glasgow city centre have a very high standard of decor and are comfortable to live provided they are properly maintained.  Part of the reason for the surge in demand for these kinds of properties is the increase in the number of tourists visiting Glasgow. Increasingly as more and more tourists visit the city the prices of hotels begin to gradually increase in demand. In addition to this tourists often want to live like locals and if they are staying in a serviced apartment then they can enjoy the same luxury surroundings of a hotel but with more privacy and the ability to simply walk into the heart of the city from their apartment.

As well as custom from tourists serviced apartments in Glasgow city centre are also proving very popular with work professionals and business people who are in Glasgow for work. This is partly due to the fact that often these types of apartments are aimed towards that target market.

How Can Serviced Apartments Benefit Their Owners

Serviced apartments can benefit their owners by offering a very reasonable return investment once booking become regular. Some properties within Glasgow city centre can become fully booked regularly throughout the year due to events , conferences and overall increased footfall within the city. A further benefit of owning a serviced apartment is the owners can use a management company such as an airbnb management company to manage the property when they are busy with other projects or work issues. This allows a passive income to generate whilst the owner can focus on other things. Therefore overall to conclude serviced apartments in Glasgow city centre are a wise investment for those who own property and continue to remain a very popular choice for tourists and business people alike who visit Glasgow in their droves every year.