Unfortunately, there are no miracles when it comes to losing weight. Instead of hoping and dreaming it may be time for you to create a fitness programme that will improve your health and one that will make you feel more confident about your appearance.

For a fitness plan to work it is vital that you give your 100% best during your time at the gym. Whether your goal is to run faster, lift heavier or to tone up, the effort will be the key to your success.


The old saying “if you can dream it, you can do it” comes to mind with this one. As cheesy as it sounds, positivity is the secret to many fitness fanatics success.

Angela Mader, founder of Fitlosophy, top tip for work out beginners is that they should journal about something they love about their body before they begin. Whether it’s that you are good at push ups or can squat for days – find something you are good at and acknowledge it.

Listen to The Music That You Love

Music and exercise have always had a positive relationship, have you seen the recent apple adverts? Crunch Gyms trainer Amelia DiDomenico says. “It always comes down to music for me”. Amelia will repeat her favourite tracks a few times during her training session as it inspires her.

Turn Your Phone on to Airplane

By turning your phone on to airplane mode you are removing any distractions that may affect your workout.

Professionals often find it hard to switch off, therefore the gym is the perfect place for them. Remove all temptation and stay away from social media and emails. Your workout is your time, focus on you and take some time out for an hour at least.

Plan Ahead

Beginners can often find the gym daunting. If someone is unsure about how a machine works, it could take them a week, maybe months for them to try new machines out.

That is why you should have a plan of action for what you want to achieve at the gym. A plan can be created for you by one of Anytime Fitness’ personal trainers. If you are someone who is left wondering what to do, personal training Glasgow could be the best option for you: “our personal trainers are qualified to design you an exercise program that will fit your individual needs and schedule.”

Fitness Classes

What better way to find your gym buddy than at a fitness class? Variety is the spice of life and by mixing up your exercise routine with fitness classes such as step and spin you will be kept on your toes the whole year through.

Every day is a school day at the gym, trainers will show you how to use your new moves safely.

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