For homeowners during the summertime season it is important to own windows that prevent too much heat from entering the house while preserving natural light and letting in plenty of fresh air. The expectations can be a challenge for most window companies but with the right knowledge any discerning homeowner can have windows fit for summer.

The good news is that the best windows for summer are also great for winter and they tend to be energy sufficient too offering a complete performance for any season.

window looking into the street

Window Types


One of the best windows for summertime however homeowners have to be vary of the handle. The crank handle offers to open the window with a hand crank but limits itself on opening aperture. If you invest in a detachable crank the window will swing open to a wide degree.

casement window

Double Slider Windows

Double slider windows offer great advantages such as a large size allowing high airflow and more natural sunlight. The windows can provide a swivel option which can increase swing radius and create a larger aperture.

double slider window

Window Frames


Many homeowners wonder whether wood windows are energy efficient. While wood windows have a timeless appeal, vinyl windows cannot match the warmth of a wooden frame. Wood windows also complement older homes better than vinyl. While they can be costly, wood windows can be painted, which can help them match the d├ęcor of any home. However, they do require some maintenance. If you do not have time to maintain your windows, you may want to choose another material.


Whether you’re looking for a new home improvement project or simply want to improve the appearance of your home, vinyl windows are one of the best choices. These windows will increase your home’s safety and energy efficiency, while offering a great return on investment. Drafty windows can lead to cold rooms, hot spots, and higher energy bills, and new vinyl windows will prevent these problems. They also create an air-tight seal, preventing infiltration and reducing energy bills.


There are several advantages of installing a sash window. They are attractive and low maintenance. Their insulating properties also make them a good choice for a home. They can be purchased in many different colors, but they do not have the strength of timber or are as sturdy. While wood may cost more than other materials, uPVC windows will be easier to maintain and are more durable. You can also find many different manufacturers and styles to match your style and budget.


There are many different reasons to install bow windows in your home, including curb appeal. Curb appeal is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, and a new set of windows can help you do just that. Besides curb appeal, bow windows also create an airier and more spacious feel to your home. While they’re most commonly associated with Victorian-style homes, bow windows have now become a popular addition to modern homes.

Key Features

Low-E Windows

Low-E glass also refers to low emissivity which helps make the most of the natural light coming in from outside. However it doesn’t let heat carrying ultraviolet or infrared rays pass which keeps the room cool. Low emission coating is crucial for maintaining room temperature and for reducing cooling and energy costs.

Double Glazing

Double glazing can exceedingly preserve temperatures inside the house, keeping warm during winter and cool during summer. The temperature is preserved through insulated gas within each pane of glass shielding against the temperatures trying to intrude in your home. This is an effective way to reduce energy bills significantly. Look out for double glazing deals Glasgow.