Tarmac Company Tips

Tarmac is being used more and more by businesses, that is why it is not hard to find tarmac companies in Glasgow. RM Kennedy & Sons have been laying tarmac for a number of years and there isn’t one thing they do not know about tarmac and how it can be used to fill streets, car parks and driveways. If you are looking for road surfacing contractors in Glasgow, RM Kennedy is the place to go. If you do decide to look around you should always ask to see examples of work, prices and the services they offer. RM Kennedy offers advice over the phone or you can contact them via their website. 

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What Is Tarmac?

You will have seen tarmac before many many times. It is extremely recognisable. Every day you will walk over it, drive over it and park your car on it. Businesses love this substance as it can be used on everything from tarmac driveways, pathways, car parks, roads and pavements.

Its original name is Tarmacadam. This  a bituminous material which is also referred to as Asphalt. It is long lasting which makes it an excellent investment, it can last from twelve years, to anywhere up to thirty-five with the right care and attention.  RM Kennedy & Sons explain that tarmac “is comprised of tar and broken stone. A professional tarmac laying company will then mix and shape the substance, laying it and brushing it evenly. The mixture is then set with tarmac laying machinery such as a steam roller.”

Road Surfacing

  • Anti-skid surfacing
  • Asphalt surfacing
  • Car park surfaces
  • Farm road surfacing
  • Footpath surfacing
  • Forecourt surfaces
  • Tarmacadam surfacing
  • Re-surfacing
  • Pothole repairs
  • Asphalt laying

Tarmac can be used for everything which is mentioned above and a whole lot more. Tarmac companies in Glasgow will offer these services if you require them. If you are unsure which of these services are most suited to your needs, find out more about the selection of the work that a tarmac company does. Tarmac companies across the UK use specialised techniques to improve the conditions of our roads, driveways and pavements.

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Technology changes all of the time and so has athe art of road paving.  If you think about it, the UK has some of the best roads in the world, something that we should be proud of. Did you know that the earliest roads were made of loose gravel scattered over dirt? Tarmac is one of the earliest and also most successful ways of binding crushed gravel together in order to form a uniform, level surface.

We may not realise it but it is true that tarmac plays an important role in our daily activities. When we travel to work or school, or when we buy goods in a shop or via internet, tarmac roads are being used.If you are interested in finding out more about tarmac and the tarmac services that tarmac companies provide. Visit RM Kennedy’s website for more information, they offer a number of tarmac services.