Improving your skills and expanding your experience is an important part of you making your way through your professional career . This is because we are living in an age where skills and qualifications are of huge importance due to the competition all around us from other people who are going for the same positions. Therefore it is important that you are able to set yourself apart from the crowd where possible and showcase your skills and expertise.

Knowing Your Core Skills

Everyone has some form of core skills. Core skills are key skills which everyone has which make them unique as a person and also as an employee or worker within their role. Some common key skills are: communication , team working , presentation skills. These skills can normally be worked on and improved throughout your lifetime.

One of the main reasons why knowing your key skills is so important is that at interview stages for different roles as well as meetings you may be asked about what your skills are and why they are important. This means that knowing your qualities and skills is essential overall.

Expanding Your Skills

When you are looking to improve in your career or just in life in general , expanding your skill set is an excellent way in which you can open up new opportunities for yourself overall. One great way in which you can expand your skills overall is through trying new sports or learning new skills at events.

Doing this is a brilliant way in which you can expand your overall skills as it can give you an insight into something new as well as more goals to work towards. One of the best places through which you can gain more skills is University.

Expanding Your Knowledge

As well as expanding your skills it is also well worth considering expanding your knowledge overall where possible. Doing this means that you will have more accreditation’s to your name which can help you in your career. Expanding your overall knowledge is a constant learning process which can be pursued both in work and outwith work.

One of the best ways in which you can expand your overall knowledge on different subjects is through watching videos online. Videos on online video hosting websites can be very informative and provide you with relevant information about different subjects to give you an overall basic understanding of different subject areas.

However if you are looking to gain a long term qualification or undertake longer periods of study then colleges and universities are an excellent place to start in order to expand your overall knowledge. In these institutions there are hundreds of different options in terms of study and overall pathways.


Overall there is a lot that can be concluded about improving your overall skills and experience. Clearly , gradually improving your existing skill set as well as knowledge and experience throughout your lifetime is an excellent way through which you can improve your career prospects as well as overall talents.